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Fonthill United Church

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Syrian Refugee Resettlement Mission

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From the QEW west:
Follow QEW to Victoria Avenue and go south to Regional Road 20. Go east until you come to Fonthill.  The church is on the South side of the road, on the right.


From the 406:

Follow the 406 south from St Catharines or north from Welland to Regional Road 20. Go west into Fonthill.  The church is at the top of the hill on the South side of the road, on the left.

To all who are looking for a church community, we invite you to visit Fonthill United Church.

 Our weekly service is normally on Sundays at 9:30 am.

There is no dress code so come wearing whatever makes you comfortable.

There is free parking around the church.

This website explains what this congregation is all about.

We hope to see you soon and we promise that you will be welcome among us.

Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

How to Find Us

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As reported in the media, a large part of Africa is currently in the grip of famine with 20 million people affected.  The United Church of Canada urged congregations to respond so Fonthill United Church received donations from   May 21 to June 25.  In addition, Council authorized $500 to be donated from its Memorial Fund.

A total of $6,464 was received and immediately sent to the Canada Foodgrains Bank.  Since the Government of Canada matches donations given to the Foodgrains Bank (4:1 up to 25 million dollars) our contribution amounted to over 100 tonnes of grain for the people who need it.  This is enough to fill a rail car (called a hopper car). 

The next time you see a train rolling down the tracks look for the hopper car and let it remind you that you are part of a congregation that is full of God's compassion for our global neighbours.

           A Christian Response to the Extreme Hunger Appeal

Our building is fully accessible and our PA system is equipped with a hearing assist.  Modern hearing aids with a “T coil” should pick up the signal automatically.  If your hearing aid has a switch, turn it to “T” in order to pick up the signal. The signal is strongest close to the outside walls so sitting near one of them will make it louder. If the signal is not coming in through your hearing aid or you do not have one, you can pick up a headset at the back. Simply turn up the volume to a comfortable level.

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Upcoming Events

           Pelham Syrian Refugee Constituent Group Update

Good News … our first Syrian Refugee Family has arrived!  The parents are both in their 30s and they have two girls aged 9 and 16 months and two boys aged 7 and 8.   They are busy settling into their new home.  


Our second family is in the queue for a final interview and we hope to hear that they have been approved soon.  Once that interview takes place they will be given a travel date. 





April 1, 2018


In word and music,

in Spirit and in community,

we invite you

to experience resurrection


 Service at 9:30 am