Fonthill United Church welcomes the community to share its building.  We have many rooms available for short or long term rentals:

The Entrance

The Sanctuary

Everything at the front is movable so as to make for a clear stage for concerts or dramatic presentations.  The room seats 230 people.  There is an excellent public address system.  Permission to use the organ and/or grand piano must be obtained from the Music Director.  

The Upper Hall Gymnasium

The Stage Office

This room is available for long term rentals.

The Quiet Room

This room is suitable for counseling or private conversations.

Accessible Washroom


This room is located off the Quiet Room.

The Lower Hall 

The Kitchen 

The Board Room 

This room is suitable for meetings of up to 20 people.

The Friendship Room 

This room is suitable for meetings of up to 20 people.

The Spare Office 

This room is available for occasional or long term rental.

The rental fees help us to cover the cost of operating the building and are very reasonable, starting at $50.00. Third party liability insurance for the event date will be required to rent space at the church. Please contact the church office (905 892-6433) with any inquiries.

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